Friday, April 13, 2007

The Batchelor!!!..and some other stuff...

Yes, I watch the Bathelor. I think greedy girls who cry are funny. This latest Batchelor is funny himself. He's a doctor, a naval officer and an iron man triathelete, and yet he still looks like a giant 8 year old. That's why I am compelled to draw him.
This other stuff is for a comic strip I'm developing that will eventually run on the old "Phloo!" blog, when it's ready.
It has cavemen in it, and also a dinosaur.
It'll pop up one of these days.


Michael J. Ruocco said...

I never liked any of those kinds of shows. When my sisters or my friends bring up shows like the Bachelor or American Idol, I just laugh.

Nice drawings, John. I particularly like the dinos you drew in the bottom picture. They kind of remind me of the Reluctant Dragon. I'm looking forward to your upcoming comic.

Jeff said...

Radical! You should draw the needy women on the show. That would be awesome. The guy looks like Jim Carreyish. AND you new strip idea looks like fun. Are you sure you can handle two strips, full time boarding job, two dogs, wife, taekwondo, videogames, two blogs and television??? Ha! Not trying to dissuade you from doing the strip, just bustin' balls!

John S. said...

Videogames? Who's got time for video games? I haven't played one in months!
Tv on the other hand, I love, and I can draw at the same time! (Thanks Mark Kennedy!)
I'll get to the other strip one of these days...after the move..sigh (exaustion).