Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just some doodles

Just some doodles while working. Plus, I haven't posted here in forever. Super props to skribbl for keeping this blog alive. It's daunting to post after that awesome series con-folk.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

See Ya!

It's been fun doing all of these little drawings but it's time for me to go the San Diego Comic Con. Hope you enjoyed them and I'll do more next year when it's Con time. I might even publish a book.

In my absence, go here to my friend John Sanford's site for even funnier stuff!!

  • Chippy and Loopus

  • See ya at the Con!!

    ComicConFan: Optimus Prime-Cardboard Edition

    The formula for success: red sweatshirt, white sweat pants, cardboard, duct tape, paper towel rolls, and yellow briefs. Optimus Prime rules all costumed characters. He is the embodiment of love for the Comic Con. Come back Optimus! Come back!

    ComicConFan: Scared Granny

    Without fail somebody brings their grandmother to the Comic Con. Temporary lapse in judgment or just plain stupidity, you make the call. For nine hours the grandmothers are left between the Nintendo and SciFi Channel booths clutching their rosary and wishing for a quick death.

    ComicConFan: The Hipster

    The Hipster is too cool for school. He speaks in catchphrases that end in a finger point and a wink. If he thinks you are really cool "Super-Freak-Mack-Daddy" he might even give you a backrub. His friends and co-workers that are into the Con always have to coax him in to attending. After days of flip-flopping he agrees to go at the last moment claiming he only wants to see the "Freak Show." He vehemently denies any interest in Geek Culture but deep down inside wishes he was the Silver Surfer.

    ComicConFan: Unidentified Walking Fuzzy

    Amongst the many costumed super heroes can be found an occasional "Unidentified Fuzzy." Often measuring over eight feet in height, they have no identifying origin or booth that they belong to often miscategorized as the latest Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Neo Pet, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or highly collectible Urban Vinyl character. Big game hunters have tried in vain to tranquilize these surly beasts only to disappointed when they find that there is no drug strong enough to bring them down. Most "Unidentified Fuzzy" enthusiasts have settled to just taking pics of the beasts as they pose and grope the "Scantily Clad Women Who Have Nothing To Do With Comic Books."

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: Table Toad

    The curiously androdgynous Table Toad can be found around the noon hour, eating, reading or sleeping at one of the scarcely available tables near the food court. They haul their morning purchases to the table and set up their base camp leaving only to add relish/mustard/sauerkraut to their eight dollar hot dogs. Trying to communicate with this beast in hopes of sharing the table will only lead to frustration as they only reply in a series of mumbles, raspy breaths, eye rolls and the occasional bodily function. Approach at your own risk.

    Comic Con Fan: Hardcore Dad

    Hardcore Dads are a rare breed. So determined to attend the Con, they ignore conventional wisdom and take their brood, at any age, through the tightly packed convention floor aisles. Barreling through with their strollers, they stop often in the middle of any walkway to peruse the booths at their leisure. Maybe the Dads hope to instill the sense of wonder in their own children that they have experienced at the Con. My guess is that they are training their children at an early age to become their own personal pop culture scavenging bellhops. A legacy any parent would be proud of.

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: Security Zealot

    If you're worried about getting your #0 special foil cover issue of Jim Lee's Wildcats pinched, don't. Because the Con security is on the job. This eternal warrior's main duties include but are not exclusive to: keeping the stairways clear, expediting the autograph lines, and making sure no freaks enter the main showroom floor.

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: Man-Tiger


    Bob here is a computer programmer by day, and a tiger enthusiast by night. He loves tigers. He can't get enough of tigers. He dreams of tigers. And on occasion, he dreams of being a tiger.

    Fig. 2

    Bob has taken his dreams and made them a reality. He has saved up most of his programmer salary to pay for plastic surgery that has transformed him physically into a tiger. Nails extended and striped, facial/body tattoos, cat eye contact lenses, whisker implants, dental implants/teeth sharpened, ears cut and pointed and upper lip split.

    Bob is living his dream.

    You go Bob.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Comic Con Fans: Super Troopers

    What's a comic convention without Stormtroopers? Who wouldn't want to don plastic armor, march around in the heat of summer and unconvincingly look threatening? They come in many flavors. My favorite is the Elvis stormtrooper. Go ahead and Google him. You know you want to.

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: SCWWHNTDWCB

    "Scantily Clad Woman Who Have Nothing To Do With Comic Books." Not really a fan but more of an object. The admirers line up by the thousands to have their pictures taken with them. I wonder what they'll do with the photos when they get home??

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: Grizzled Pro

    The "Grizzled Pro" returns year after year to sift through the millions of portfolios that are presented to him by the eager "Portfolio Lads." Why he does this, he doesn't know. Normally the GP is cloistered in his studio trying to pencil out the latest issue of "Gore Hole." The Con is his one chance to see the outside world and hopefully get some recognition for the hours of intensive work spent for little pay. His real reward is seeing and posing with the SCWWHNTDWCBs (Scantily Clad Women Who Have Nothing To Do With Comic Books).

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: Goth Girl

    For those who've always wondered:

    Goth is a contemporary subculture prevalent in many countries around the globe. It began in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s to early 1980s in the gothic rock scene, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. The goth subculture is remarkable for its longevity compared with others of the same era. Its imagery and cultural proclivities show influences from nineteenth century Gothic literature, mainly by way of horror movies.
    The goth subculture has associated "gothic" tastes in music and fashion. Gothic music encompasses a number of different styles. Common to all is a tendency towards a “dark” sound and outlook. Styles of dress within the subculture range from death rock, punk, Victorian, androgynous, some Renaissance style clothes, or combinations of the above, most often with lots of black attire, makeup and hair.

    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Comic Con Fan: Portfolio Lad

    Ah the ubiquitous portfolio lad. As you see them walk down they aisle they emanate an energy that is so pure. So raw. So innocent. They line up by the dozens to have their portfolios reviewed in hopes of being discovered, handed their own comic title, and eventually heading up their own artist driven company with toy, feature film, television, videogame, and internet divisions. Although few make it, most are chewed up and spit out by the grizzled industry veterans who flip through their portfolios nonchalantly. If they aren't broken the first year, they may try again the next. And the next, and the next, and the next....