Thursday, August 16, 2007

LA Myth: Meltdown Show

So when I was at the Comic Con I ran into a former Cal Arts student, Aaron Clark . He invited me to enter a piece for a show he was planning at
Meltdown in Hollywood. I said yes but wasn't sure if I could pull off a piece in time with work, family and the Wii. So the Friday before the show I kicked myself in the butt and cranked out a 'lil gouachey 'sumpin 'sumpin. Not the greatest but at least I got into the theme. The show got a write up in LAWeekly!! (look I'm all excited like a little school girl)

Thanks Aaron for asking me to participate!
I'll do better next year!! Promise!!!


Matt said...

Jeff, you know the pic hasn't been up in over a week, right?

Nacho said...

fantastic design. I like this stetic... it remembers me space invaders mixed with circus picture. Good work

aaron clark said...

Jeff I was so glad that you participated in the show,, and your help at the lat minute getting the pieces up on the wall totally saved the day, thank you so much for that help. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year.
I know it is going to be another great show.
Thanks again -Aaron C

Anonymous said...