Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Uber Geek

So I went against all rational thought and bought a computer off a guy online. But it wasn't just any laptop -it was a tablet PC- or better thought of as a digital sketchbook. It is light, cute and even warm if you let it run long enough. Now I'm getting past the lectures from my family and glares from my spouse about dropping a bunch of money I cannot spare (I keep saying it is a tool not a toy -hee hee). I'm moving on to the next step. How do I use this thing? So I'll throw some doodles on the blog every once in awhile (you know me once a year) to see if I'm figuring out how to draw digitally. Do I like Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop? Can I embrace the digital sharpie or make my own brush? What ever may come I blame craigslist and instant gratification.


Matt said...

Back at last! About time. Can't wait to see the tablet. fun drawing!

walleye said...

You can't blame instant gratification...that is the cornerstone of Democracy. With great power comes great responsibility. I too am a believer. Down with paper. Screw those trees...we don't need their pulpy insides! Lets shove their arrogant silence back up their knotty asses and spite them with our technology! Ha, Ha, Ha! With elecrified plastic the skies of artistic expression will become endless! We can pave North America and live in coffee shops with our humans were meant to do as clearly stated in the bible. "And the lord came forth from the heavens and said to Steve, thou shalt craft the eggs of my breath into religeon and from the Earthly poison forge a vessel of infinite thought and goodness. Drink coffee and don't masturbate. And Steve obeyed for it was so." -Gospel of Steve.

My vote is Photoshop. Its chewy.
Great drawing Jess.

Bob said...

What he said.

Only with more passion.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to a great Blog,

I have a question about storyboarding for television animation. It's been bugging me for a while now so I figured I should ask some of the best.

Why is it that in animation a shot is called a scene?

Please bare with me as I try to explain my argument.

The book, 5's to cinematography explains that, for film the word scene derives form it's use in plays. Where it refers to the division in the story created by a new time or location/setting.
It's the introduction of camera angles that created the need for the word shot. So to break it down a film is composed of sequences, scenes, and finally shots. In animation though, every time there is a new camera angle we call it a new scene.

The logical reason behind why we use the abbreviation sc# instead of sh#, I think. Is the (related but, different enough) meaning to describe a picture or view.
Since animation started off by being created out of hand drawn pictures every new shot should then be called a scene.

Why not use the same definition as live action, however? Especially, with the with advent 3D animation.

Thanks for a great blog,

walleye said...

I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified here to take a stab at this question Alain, but I've been thinking about this Scene Shot issue all day and this is what I've pulled out of my ass.

I wonder if the symantics got messed up due primarily to the nature of the work. When I boarded on TV (many, many years in my career), the usual division of labor was: for 22 minutes- divide the script in half between two artists or for 11 minute shows- a clean board, beginning, middle and end... one man on deck. In working that way, I never thought of the show as being broken down into sequences...I would usually start at the beginning and work through to the end. The same sort of thought process translated to the next phase as far as my rememberance goes in that the layout and management of the "shots" was not handled under any larger umbrella of the "scene" as it is done in Features. The various shots were carved off from the whole, grouped into folders and worked through the system in that form. The show was treated as a whole broken down into shots with no regards to the scene (short of trying to cast your layout artists and I assume animators...somewhere in a logical rhythm so that there is less confusion with continuity). I therefore, summerize that Scene sounds like a grander thing than a Shot so it falls that the better word wins out in the end.
I also believe we evolved from apes.
Anyone else got any ideas worth tossing out?

Matt said...

I'm still waiting to evolve.

Chrystal Martin said...

I'm quite envious of your luck! I've been entertaining the idea of getting a Tablet PC to replace my Intuous tablet, but I can never find one available at the local stores to test out. If I ever win the lotto, I'll be getting myself a Cintiq. I'll keep dreaming..

If you're looking for a cheaper program after having shelled out for the computer, OpenCanvas is relatively cheap. It's like Painter/Photoshop-lite and doesn't hog up resources. I personally use one or two of the Trinity for digital sketching: Painter, Photoshop, and Open Canvas.

Anonymous said...

Learn both Photoshop and Corel Painter. Painter can simulate real paint strokes with amazing accuracy. If you're too lazy to learn by books you can buy cd video training kits ( for me that' the fastest way to learn any computer program )

Anonymous said...

COOL! but don't forget to take that new tool off on your taxes! every little bit helps!

Tony :)