Monday, January 28, 2008

Dave Smith!

I just found out that talented fool Dave Smith has a blog called "It hurts...Always"!! WTF? Apparently he's been doing it a while so I'm just letting you know if you didn't already. But you probably already know.

He directed this awesome short that didn't get picked up. Fools I tell you! FOOLS!


Jim Mortensen said...

Have a link to the short? :)

John S. said...

Dave is the man. Funny too.

Chris Battle said...

Dave's a stealthy one.

Daniel Ted said...

That's great. Especially when the mother spoke in Japanese when she got angry.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff!
how nice of you to like my cartoon.
Not many do.
Hope all is cool.

Jeff said...

Hey Dave! We really need to bust out the puppets and make another Cartoon Shennanigans. Give me a holla yo!