Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday!

OK gang, Someone's actually posting here!!! These are some boards I did for a scrapped movie from Disney called 'Planes 3'. I don't remember all the dialogue. The gist of the short idea was that a prop engine plane gets a rocket assisted boost at takeoff for a circus act. I know, right? Anyway, these are from 2013. Enjoy!


jsanford said...

I love these!
Now it's Handel's turn to comment. Does anyone comment on Blogs anymore? Hey...I don't even know if I can post here anymore!

Maddie said...

Handel never answered! ��

Jeff said...

What's a blog?

jsanford said...

Oh he answered....with a lot of double talk and nonsense. He and I had an extended Facebook
Conversation a few years ago. It was just like talking to him here. Circular and futile.

Jeff said...

Where is his comment? I can't see it! Blogs are coming back in vogue. Full circle babay!!

jsanford said...

He didn't comment. I think I was joking.
Hey! I'm going to start posting Chippy and Loopus comics here! Totally full circle!

Unknown said...

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