Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Art is Long

When I was working at Disney I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Animation Legend Joe Grant. Before I left I wanted him to do a drawing for me. After lunch one day I found this message on my desk. It was from Joe. I was a little dissapointed that he didn't do a drawing but instead a calligraphy piece. I was thankful that he did it but a little bummed. I wanted a drawing dammit!! So I didn't say anything to Joe about it. I left Disney and I started a new job. About a year later Joe passed away. At Joe's funeral I found out that he loved calligraphy more than drawing. Wow. I was an ungrateful dick! He gave me something really special. Something he loved and also some poignant words to live by.


Ward Jenkins said...

That's very cool. Yeah, I would've wanted a drawing, myself, but seeing that he loved calligraphy more than drawing... well, that makes it all the more special.

Andrew said...

One comment?! ONE COMMENT?! If a touching thing like that gets only one post, I mean, what's the world COMING TO? Well, what WAS it coming to, way back in 2005. I'm a little late on the scene, but this blog rocks. Nice posts. I've been laughing all night. Cheezits?!

Jeff said...

Thanks for reading this way back. Yes only one comment but it was our first post and NOBODY was reading our blog. I'm still surprised that anyone posts. Thanks for reading and digging.