Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Doodle E Doo

Sometimes when you follow a talented fellow like Walleye, occasionally you need to humble yourself and just post for posting sake. These sketches aren't the best but they are what they are, pieces of paper plucked from a recycling bin.

sketch one: Caricature study. Trying to simplify with shapes.

sketch two: When the director gets a craving for donuts, you get him his FutherMucking donuts!! This is the after drawing. I'll have to see if I can find the before drawing.

EDIT: Found it!!! Here's the before drawing. He reallly wasn't like this. Just an exaggeration.


countfunkula1 said...

LOL !!!! I didn't that about Mr. B. Is he a donut freak? Fucking hilarious! Now you have to do the other 2 guys.

Dave Pimentel said...

Tu eres el mas macho hombre que yo conosco! Gracias por dibuhar tus dibuhos tan elegante! Todo lo que haces lo haces como un majestro! Ay nos vemos.

walleye said...

Love it Skribbl! I too didn't know about the boss' fetish. Amazing character studies as always.

Jim M. said...

I wish there actually was a donut brand called "Hole nuts".

Goemagog said...

looks sort of seussian.

Goe, noting it.

martin wittig said...

Great sketches!:)

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Both are great and have thus made me re-think posting some recent and no so recent meetings doodles. I especially like the caricature study because I enjoy seeing your process.

nagi said...

Love the sketches!
got to see the before pic of the donut series--one word: AWESOME!!

Skribbl said...

Thanks for the internet kindness all.

Somebody else said the same exact thing...hmm. I think it's the eyes (grinchyness) and the hair (very Seuss treeish).

¿Yo? ¿Macho? ¡Mirada que tiene hablar!! ¡Usted es así que macho deseo tener sus bebés mexicanos!!! ¡Demasiado caliente!

Yes! Post those pesky meeting drawings!!

the doodlers said...

Harhar! I've never tried feeding donuts to my directors... something to think about.

Definately Seussian that first batch.