Thursday, April 13, 2006

A moment for Anger

Been a while since I've posted any of these. Lost some momentum with tight deadlines and too much real work with a dangling paycheck. Stupid work.
Anyhow, I wanted to bring Anger back. Sorry for the language to anyone easily offended. I firmly believe in the heart of every "Nice" human being, is a raging, ball of fury just waiting to break loose. This one is a bit of a rant...I hope blogger blows it up enough to actually read it. If not, I'm sure you'll get the drift.
To the Count, I apologize in advance for the body fluid in this strip. That's where my head went when I thought up the idea. Funny thing, the idea of the head blowing up came from watching this crazy religious show where these muscle guys lift and break shit for Jesus. This one meaty neckless born again steroid sucker, took this run of the mill pink water bottle and using his veiny lungs, blew the thing up until it was the size of a tire and then kept going until it exploded. Between each breath he would thank Jesus for giving him the strength to pop that little piece of rubber that was probably manufactured in China for less than a nickel. The passions that drive people fascinate and terrify me. So that got me thinking about my tendency to rant and how my deep seeded nut of fury is probably the same passion that the muscle dude used to pop the unsuspecting waterbottle. What better way to pay homage to that than to blow up Anger's head. What can I say, I'm not that original. If the brow be low, then let it drag.
I love peanut butter....let's keep it clean, folks.
Happy sailing.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

I am a peanut butter purist. I never use jelly. Just peanut butter. So, When I was a kid, and I went to make a peanut butter sandwitch and found jelly in the jar, I went fucking ballistic.
Sad thing is that most of time the jelly was left there by my mother.

countfunkula1 said...

Hey! Don't apoogize to me! I'm not the taste police. I drew a guy with a giant green dork. This strip, by the way, wonderful. I figure you may have some rage built up lately. You've been pounded at work. Keep the faith, baby. I hope anger will be back.

handel said...

dude..I...I almost messed myself when I read your strip. too friiiiggiiin hilarious. I think we've all had one of those moments.Not nessesarilly with peanut butter, But we have all had one of those days.

Monkeyfeather said...

I love that people think that this Jesus guy has so much time on his hands that he can do useful things like give you the abnormal lung capacity to make a pink water bottle explode. If he was any use, he'd be keeping jelly out of my f#@!ing g0d$#!@ peanut butter!!!

paul said...

Outstanding. The staging, the concept, the dialogue, all of it. --Post these more often!

Osgood McSonogram said...

Walleye, Jesus loves you for this strip. Wait. Jesus? Did I type Jesus? Oh huh, looking back, I DID type Jesus. I'm sorry, I meant to say "I." "I" loves you for this strip. In actuality, I don't think Jesus wants anything to do with you now. It's not a matter of the content, he just loves his jelly 'cause jam don't jiggle like that. Aw no, now he wants nothing to do with me either!!!! Join me in prayer everyone!!!! Quick!!!! We can still salvage salvation!!!

dhaynes said...

Hi Walleye, your strip as always is awesome, the art is so expressive and fluid. The only think that I think was distracting (and just a stylistic preference for me, I suppose) was the use of typed as opposed to hand-lettered dialogue - it just seems too mechanical and out of place mixed in with all those beautiful drawings. Just a thought.

walleye said...

Thanks all fer the kind words.

to dhaynes-thanks for the comment. I usually do these on paper and then scan them in to smack them up with a bit of photoshop. This last one I drew completely in the computer, and try as I might, my handwriting just doesn't translate so well digitally (its a different touch than drawing for some reason). You may notice that this one is the only strip with square boxes as well. Just experimenting, but I think you're right about the disconnect. I'm glad y'all can read this one (some of the writing gets pretty small). Thanks again.

Robo- Sounds like you had a tough childhood on those mean streets of Denver. My mom was a glue addict (she was constantly sticking shit was painful).

Count-I happen to HAVE a giant green dork. My wife says it tastes like a bean. She hates beans. I wouldn't know how it tastes myself...not for lack of trying of course...too much gut in the middle to make the fold. I guess the "man gut" is God's way of keeping us safe from a mortal sin...Is it a sin to taste one's own junk? If not, it should be. Osgoode, I'm sure you've got a theological answer to that question (considering your relationship to the all mighty).

Thanks again all.


Lee-Roy said...

I just want to add that the blowing up of what I assume is a hot water bottle, the kind you might use for enemas and the like, originated from one of the guys in Pumping Iron. So, I guess Jesus does not win for originality.

Randeep Katari said...

This is flippin' HILARIOUS man! I love it! keep up the awesome work as always - did you get my e-mail a while back? Just wanted to be sure - I figured you've probably been super crazy busy judging by your post but just wanted to make sure!
Hope to hear from you soon dude!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Yo!! Straight outta Denver!!!
Everybody in the 3-0-3, put your motherfuckin' hands up and follow me!!!
Peace out!

Closet Space said...


Sarah said...

YOU are my new god.

Oh, and I am fantastically good at leaving jelly in the peanut butter jar. What? It's GOOD!


jed adams said...

oh god , i can't believe you evoked exactly how i feel about jam and PB
problem is im the only one in our house that eats pb + j, so its all my fault :(
glad i found this site
when is anger going to get a video game :)
( your local friendly game developer )

walleye said...

if I'm your new God than I would hate to see the old one....we're all fucked if that be true (I'm goin down swinging).
My friend from Playa? I think I know you....You've found my dark side!

jed adams said...

yes it is me
your friend from playa :)

btw is there a place i can get the entire set of your emotions ?

walleye said...

Hey Jed,
I'm working on that...Not much time with production these days, but when things calm down I'll get my blog fixed up.

Sarah said...

I actually didn't have a god before...everything was very dark and lonely... I think I acted out by putting jelly in the peanut butter, you know, to try and get some attention. At least Anger was paying attention - who knows what I would have resorted to next! Speaking of which, how do you feel about nuts in your brownies? (i swear that's not a euphemism)


walleye said...

Sarah! I think I'd put almost anything made with nuts in my mouth. I like nuts, not man nuts....because I know that's where your mind is, given half a chance, I may, at times, be inclined to put my nuts in almost anything, including a brownie...but I probably wouldn't eat that....because, I think we'd all agree....that would be wrong. Sorta like this reply. I'm actually feeling a little nuts right now...I mean emotionally, not physically...that would make it hard to type...not that typing makes it hard...or that typing is hard...because its not...I took a course in highschool...probably the most useful skill I picked up there...I didn't pick up a lot in high school...well, there was one girl I picked up and we actually dated for a few months....she was alergic to nuts...not man nuts, food nuts...well maybe man nuts...that didn't really come up...well it came up but wasn't acknowledged...she was Catholic and Anaphylactic Catholic...loved a good brownie though...and who doesn't? I always prefered the bad brownies, or at least, the morally confused brownies...(sigh)...happy cinquo de mayo.

Lee-Roy said...

What??? Walleye's World is closed for remodeling??? Why? Why? Why????

Hadibi said...

I love ur comics XD Where can I see more? :D