Wednesday, November 01, 2006

After Screening Caricatures

Roundtable meetings are the best place to caricature. You just tilt back your pad and pretend you're writing down notes.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Spot on!!! I can easily recognize everyone in these characters!!!
Was this a screening for the "Meatball" movie by any chance?
I'm just guessing because of the pained expression you drew on our Irish pal's face.

walleye said...

Its like looking in a mirror. If you think our expressions looked frazzled, I can say mine was because I didn't expect it to go so well. A bad screening I can handle, but a good one....well that's fucked up.

when is the world ending? 2012? I'm going to start eating donuts again.

Brilliant as always Skribbl...I'm honoured.

Jeremy Bernstein said...


the doodlers said...

Hey Walleye you look a tad stressed in that sketch... Hope all's good. :)

Funny drawrings.

I you never draw me, Scribbl, that's for sure.

the doodlers said...

That should have read: 'I HOPE you never draw me that's for sure'.

Typosity strikes again...urrgh. Unintewlligable comments mrble snerg...

BenerdWalkin said...

The only one I know there is kris and I like how you captured his worried look...wait or is that the happy look?

Awesome work Skribbl...keep them coming

walleye said...

Hey, hey, hey....Doodlers, Bernard...that is not a worried look... that is simply a beniegn me waiting to get fired. I had the same expression when Aimee told me she was pregnant...for about nine months. And of course it probably won't go away until my last kid turns forty. Hopefully by then it will be replaced by the vapid bliss of senility as I greet the world sans pants or libito.
Thank Budah I'm not a polar bear...they've got some shit to worry about.
See you all in Bagdad for the end of the world!