Thursday, October 26, 2006

Screenwriting Expo Pt 2

So I barely survive the parking hell getting to the Expo. I make it to the registration desk and find out that the main lecture hall is full and I follow a former Disney colleague to the overflow room where they have a projection screen simucast. OK. I sit down and get there just in time for Andrew Stanton to begin his journey of pain keynote speech. He's an excellent speaker. Great information and very inspiring. Andrew gets to a part where he shows a clip from a movie and the the camera man or technical director forgets to switch over to the video feed. And this is what we see.

Andrew enjoying the clip for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

I see that he likes coffee.

But I have no idea what clip he is looking at. The crowd in the overflow room has no idea what clip he is looking at. They begin to get agitated and tell someone to tell somebody to do...something. Eventually it gets fixed and we enjoy the rest of the keynote speech. Just a bump in the technical flow but it was funny timing and staging. Like I said before, I underestimated the attendance at the Expo and I guess the event staff did too.

BTW Andrew does a killer "Crush" impersonation.


Dave Dind said...

Hey guys!

Gotta first say that I love the blog! I check daily for any morsel that may be found :D

Anywho, wasn't Andrew Stanton the actual voice of Crush in Nemo? Correct me if I'm wrong!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Yeah that was great. (And by great I meaned really sucky) I was stuck in the "overflow" rooms for most of the panels and the technical issues, they were a plenty. (oh and Stanton was definitely the voice of Crush.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Ha! That's so funny. That's a perfect sketch of what we were watching. I've got some sketches of the event on my blogeroo. Check it out!

Marmax said...

One of the cameras seemed to have the colors all washed out and then Andrew Stanton started to turn greener than the Hulk.

Skribbl said...

dave dind - Thanks! Glad you like the bloggy. Yeah Andrew was the voice of Crush. I was being dumb.

Cap'n Yolk - I checked out your drawings the other day and they are RADALICIOUS! I actually got to them from the Cartoon Brew link. Congrats!

marmax - That's right the color was shite! I hated the overflow room.