Thursday, July 05, 2007

Drawing While Dialated

I had to go to get my eyes checked last month and I had my sketchbook with me. The doc dialated my pupils and I tried to draw.

So after the appointment I couldn't drive home so I decided to see a movie. I saw "Bug". Oh man what an awful movie. I walked out shaking my head and comiserated with a fellow moviegoer. I should have seen Pirates instead.


Marmax said...

Damn fine drawings! I gots ta get my eyes dilated.

John S. said...

I hate having my eyes dilated. I'm particularly sensitive to the solution and thus walk around the entire day with sunglasses on, seeing everything in high-contrast with all the color blown out, like a flashback in a Tony Scott movie.
I love these drawings, though. You are getting a lot of mileage from that moleskine.

the doodlers said...

lovely drawings. It was worth the eye dilation.