Monday, July 09, 2007

In Darkest day, In blackest night...

This was done for my office mate Christian Roman's soon to be born child. There is a wondeerful tradition here in the Story department. When a story artist is about expecting a baby, the Story manager surepptitiously gathers drawings from all the other story artists on the movie. These drawings are made into iron on patches and these patches are each affixed to a "onesie".
It's fun!!! This was my contribution. Chris is a huge Green Lantern fan. The Hal Jordan Green Lantern, not that ounk Kyle Rayner.
Fuck him. Hal Jordan rules!!!


Jeff said...

So is Christian going to wear that onsie to work??? :-P

Fun drawing and tradition!!!

For a sec there I thought the ring was a pacifier...

Willis Carrier said...

I like the way you drewed that drawing.

John S. said...

Jeff, onsies are for BABIES silly.
What a great idea!!! Get DC comics on the phone! I go an idea for a new product! The Green Lantern power pacifier!! We can do a silver age version, a golden age version and a lame-ass 90's version for those punks who prefer Kyle Rayner! (Hey, they have money too!)
Then, we can do Kryptonite pacifiers!!! they can come in red, green, white, blue (which only works on Bizarro babies) and jeweled!
I'm gonna be a millionaire!!!
Willis!!! Thanks!!! I like the way you drews too.

countfunkula1 said...

"not that ounk Kyle Rayner" I wonder if "ounk" could catch on on the internet like "pwned". Kick ass drawing! :)

Will Finn said...

Beautiful drawing!

Does the Green Lantern really have a stylized animation disc as a logo? how cool!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Great design, John!

I just wanna know, if the baby accidentally swallows the ring, could he use his lanterny powers to get it out, or would it be useless when it's off his finger & he'd have to wait 'til he needs changing to get it back?

Will - you know what, I never noticed that the lantern logo looks like an animation disc. That's really something. Nice find, eagle eye!

John S. said...

I've never looked at the logo in that way before. Now that is all I can see. Damnit.
Thanks a lot Will!!
Hey Michael!!!
The ring would work until his mother fed him creamed corn, cause that is yellow, and we all know that the ring doesn't work on anyting yellow.