Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another Superman

Louie did another superman drawing, inpiring me to do this "quickie" on the Cintiq. In Photoshop.
Superman rules.
Here's Louie again:



barry johnson said...

These Superman drawings are great. A lot of fun.

Osgood McSonogram said...

All I can do is agree. So....agreed.

Louie del Carmen said...

Yeah! That's what i'm talking about!! Good job man!

countfunkula1 said...

Damn dude, these are turning into self portraits! Bam!

rickart said...

Nice one, Robo! That's such a classic Superman type pose, and I find your style a lot more appealing than so much of what's in comics these days. So much flare and personality!

Bob Logan said...

Very nice work!

I'm a Superman fan, yet I don't own one comic. (I collected Marvel as a kid). I love the George Reeve's show, the Chistopher Reeves' films (1 & 2), and the radio shows (which I have if you want to borrow them).

I just watched Superman the Movie last night. I should put that on my list of all-time favorites. I remember my Dad raving about it when he picked me up from elementary school. He wanted to see it again that night. Being an engineer, I thought he would have commented on the special effects. Instead, he went on about how color was used throughout the film.

It's going to be hard to replace Chris Reeve as Superman, but I will be in line ready for the new movie this summer.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

I'm with you, Bob. Superman has always been my favorite. Like you, the first live action Superman I knew was George Reeves. I loved that show. I never missed it. After that, Christopher Reeves was the man.
I'm gonna give the new guy a chance. The outfit has been the subject of many a debate in countless message boards, but I like it, and I like the color scheme. In fact, I sampled the colors from a picture of the new guy in the new suit I found on the internet. It has a very classic feel to it.
Come on everybody, let's see your Superman drawings!!!

Kevin Barber said...

Fantastic Supes.