Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Drawing Year!

So I'm back from a month long hiatus. Ahhhh. Back to the ol' drawing board. It's funny how you forget how to draw after a vacation. So here's a warm up to get back into the new year and a new project. Story's done on the old one and time to switch gears. It's hard. Soooo hard. Why? Why? Why?

Enjoy and I hope the new year brings you laughs, love and most of all money. Yes I said money. If that happens come over and pick me up and we'll head over to the arcade an put a few quarters up on Defender. Or maybe Robotron. None of this DDR or GuitarMan junk.

Done on a 2x8 dialog strip


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Hey!!! This is great!!! What is that, a brush pen?
2"x8" strips...I remember those....
Really cool drawing sir!

chris ure said...

Don't forget Tron and Burgertime!

Jez Hall said...

Ah Robotron.....I used to love Robotron

countfunkula1 said...

skribbs. pwn's the board again. I was a Star Castle fan.

Skribbl said...

yez it is brush pen robo! I'm going to try to post a new drawing every week. Maybe Fridays. Or more if creativity allows.

Chris! - Those are good too but I was more of a "No way out" video game fan. And shooting too. Lots of shooting. Not really a FPS person either. Just old school top down (or side) shooter.

Count - Yes! Star Castle with the bumpitybumpbump! Vector graphics = win