Sunday, February 05, 2006


Taking a short break from the pirates. Reason is, the other day one of our posters, Walleye, made a comment on skribbl's post about the fat angel. He felt he had gone too far in his ramblings. He then proceeded to delete his own comment. Now if you have read some of Walleye's rants, you know he is hilarious, insightful and says a lot of dark stuff we can all relate to. I chided him about his self-censorship. Getting up on my soap box, I was all "Shame on you, bla bla bla, this is a free space to draw and speak, bla bla bla...that shirt doesn't go with those pants, bla bla bla..." Shortly after that, Nagi posted the beautiful piece of Bush as one of the four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. This all got me in a fired up mood to do a drawing about censorship and art and our blog. Although I am not one for drawing dirty pictures just because, I also realized that if I wanted to do something off color, I should be able to. Hate speech not included (for myself anyway). So here is my offering. This was also a lot of fun. I did the line drawing on paper with the Faber Castell Pitt artist brush pen. Scanned it in to Painter, using various watercolor brushes, then imported it into Photoshop to add the text layers. Bobopoly noted that I am getting a 70's look to my stuff. Thank you, Bob! This was also fun, because you won't see me putting any panels in my day job with green guys with giant schlongs! Let freedom schwing!

Addendum: If you hate this piece or think I've gone too far, I want to hear your opinion too.

Addendum #2 Just for fun I thought I would post the original uncolored line art. I kind of like it too.


hornsofthedevil said...

then lets see some funny drawings of Mohammed.

Jim M. said...
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Jim M. said...

"because you won't see me putting any panels in my day job with green guys with giant schlongs!"

So you're not working on the Shrek sequels?

nagi said...

awesome count!!!
bobopoly is right--has a nice 70's look to it!
love all the hidden details in it too!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Count, you have outdone yourself. This is f'ing brilliant.
This blog thing really awakens the old creativity, doesn't it? All of the personal work you've been putting up is stunning, each piece better than the last.
Keep going!!!

countfunkula1 said...

Thanks guys. I was kind of nervous about putting this up.

Bob said...


That penis has a distinct 70's look to it.


Skribbl said...

Right on Count! I'm right behind you! (wearing pants of course)

walleye said...

Does America have that big a cock? I always figured the way this country loves to talk, and talk, consume, talk, invade here and there, and then talk some more that it must suffer from tiny penis envy. I mean, look at Brazil. They don't seem to need the attention, which means that their national prick is probably dangling somewhere near that of a prize winning donkey. And France. How many times have they been invaded and had the shit knocked out of them, and yet they're still a world power. I say when a nation's pricker is big enough to withstand occupation with style and grace, that country isn't all that worried about getting laid. Quiet confidence.
As far as that whole censorship thing goes...dude, that was me just not wanting to be obnoxious....nothing more than that. Jesus, I'm just a fucking geek who cannot contain the urge to drone on and on and on...God love the power of speech. I just lost the courage to let the rant live and for that the only blame need lay at my own pathetic, yet sexy, feet.
I'm not sorry though, for if by pulling that rant I inadvertantly brought you to this drawing, the world is a richer place. It makes me happy to see you drawing big green dicks and I don't know why that is...It's the simple things in life that bring joy.
Fat bottomed girls make the rockin world go round.

countfunkula1 said...

Thanks Walleye and all. I guess this drawing was a little more out there than I thought. Really. But I have wanted to do something with more edge for a while now. I love what we do for a living, and no one is a bigger fan of silly cartoons than me. I guess I just needed to scratch that itch. Actually, it only made it worse. I'm gonna start anohter blog for that though. I'll leave storyboredom for the fun stuff.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

NOOOOOO! Post what you want!!! This is a forum for whatever the fuck you want to do! If anyone has a problem with that, FUCK 'EM!!!

hornsofthedevil said...

okay, the drawings of Mohammed don't HAVE to be funny, but if we're all rallying around freedom fo speech lets at least have some dignified drawings of Mohammed....

countfunkula1 said...

hornsofthedevil, you must be high if you think I'm gonna draw Mohammed. There is freedom of speech and then there is a death wish. Look elsewhere for that. Sorry, can't help you.

Skribbl said...

Or Count, you can enter this contest:

Show them your skillz!

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that seeing this drawing makes me proud to be the count's brother...make me prouder!

countfunkula1 said...

Doin' friend, doin?

DanO said...

i don't understand.
you just chided Walleye because he censored his post out of fear of offending, but now you won't indulge yourself or anyone else bwith a drawing of Mohammed because others might take it as offensive?
i don't mean to pester you about this, but don't you see that you've backed down from freedom of speech.
freedom of speech (as long as someone else forces you not to) isn't frredom fo speech at all.
its kind of like a farce of speech.
what a bummer

countfunkula1 said...

Well, Dano I think I understand your point. But if you look at the situation surrounding the Mohammed cartoon, you can pretty quickly and easily see a difference between challenging governmental authority and respecting the personal belief system of millions of people. You will notice I did not make a religious statement. It was a political statement. Sadly, and maybe you will agree with this Dano, the two are becoming more blurred every day. Not just here, but around the world. Now as far as me drawing Mohammed, well, I'll be blunt. Look at this.

I will freely comment on my own country and culture. I pay my taxes. I live here. I have a vested interest in what happens here, and as a contributing member of this society, I get to have an opinion about things here.

Now take what is happening with this Mohammed cartoon. This is not a government affecting peoples' right to speak. This is the people (of another nation mind you) themselves showing, in one of the most clear and vivid expressions of religious beliefs I have ever seen just how strongly they feel about their religious figures.

Also, remember I was talking about freedom of speech here in this country. These are uniquely American icons I am using. Again, perhaps you and I see things differently, but I see a difference between exercising my rights to comment on a culture and country I love (that's right folks, not only the right wing loves this country) and feel I have earned the right to comment on, and picking a fight with people a half a world away who share a different belief system and system of government as well.

So one last thing Dano. I am glad you shared your thoughts. I am not George Bush. I can stand hearing other view points than my own. Heck, I'm glad you came and saw our blog.

But if you need to see a cartoon of Mohammed so badly, and this extends to our visitor hornsofthedevil as well, you are more than welcome to draw him yourself and post it on your own blog. Just let me know when you do. I would be very curious to see how that works out for you.

Thanks again for visiting. Don't be a stranger! I'm glad you commented, I mean it.

God Bless America! (no sarcasm intended)

nagi said...

Watch the South Park Episode The Super BEst Friends :-)

DanO said...

when i get a chance, i'll draw Mohammed, but you have to link it. thanks for your opinion, even though i don't agree. i think the right for freedom of expression extends to all people and all subjects, just as the belief that all men are created equal is self evident. that belief crosses over with this one. it is a philosophy of supremecy that is being furthered here. it is a fight against dark ages mentality.
first off, those cartoons aren't "hate" cartoons. they were an editorial on current events. secondly the belief they are offended by is that we merely DRAW mohammed, which is against their belief. i'm sorry about that, but it was done in a country where freedom of press and expression is legal.
it is not their country and yet they are exercising dominion over the world with their beliefs.

so really it comes down to this: pick a side.

we can't just sit on the sidelines and hope this will go away. if we apologize for the cartoons and don't ever draw Mohammed, then get prepared to make more concessions to Islamic beliefs, even though you aren't Islamic. to their mentality you are beneath them.

walleye said...

What does Mohammad look like anyways. I get Jesus...seen him painted on black velvet all over this great land, and I think God must look like Jerry Garcia, but I've got no notions about this prophet.
I think society needs something to flashpoint around in order to function. Without evil there can't be good, and the real problem (and this spans across all ideology) is that the human spirit is easily corrupted in the face of the unknown, whether that be the hopeless track of poverty, fear of death, or the need to elevate one's self above others for the purpose of power (real or imagined). Whether its the fucked up debate around evolution or gay marriage, or the fact that people are dying over a stupid motherfucking drawing, in this humble artists opinion, it all shines a light on the weakness of the human spirit. Lets face it, its not about the cartoon, and its not about the fact that we're all a bunch of apes with shoes on, its about the few trying to manipulate the many. Oil profits and Drug commercials.
If you have something funny to say about Mohammed, then say it. If you don't, why try to stir up something that is already boiling over. Honesty is the best source of material for artistic pursuit. I pulled a rant because I wanted to, and I'm ranting now because I want to.
Big green cocks and pirates, that's the gold I'm looking to bury. If we accidentally back into insight, great, if its all for the punchline, even better.

countfunkula1 said...

Well, I asked for contrary opinions and points of view and I got them. And believe me when I say I'm glad for it. I mean it.

That being said, allow me, one more time, to reiterate my point. This is a piece about MY country. Dano, if you have an issue with the Muslim world, that is your issue.

A couple of other quick thoughts. Just so I make it clear, I did not label the cartoons of Mohammed "hate" cartoons. I said I don't draw hate cartoons. The whole Mohammed issue came up in these comments, starting with hornsofthedsevil's comments. (By the way, hornsofthedevil, where is your blog?)

You say we must pick a side. I think I have made my views about censorship in THIS country perfectly clear, and my feelings about this president. But a friend of mine put it pretty well. "I'll worry about the mess in my own house before I tell other people about how to run their house." That is to say, this drawing, again, is about America. Now I agree that freedom is freedom. But I believe there is enough "dark ages" mentality in this country to go around and deal with. As far as sitting on the sidelines and hoping for this Mohammed cartoon thing to go away, well good luck to you with that fight. If you want to take on the Muslim world, may the God of your choice be with you. As far as apologizing for those cartoons, who said anything about that? I have tried to make it clear that my drawing was not about what happens overseas.

You say you will draw Mohammed when you have time. Good for you. We'll see when that is. I have made a drawing showing my point of view and invited critique. I received it. Will you do the same and open yourself up to the same scrutiny? It's easier to throw stones than be hit by them. And as far as "I have to link to your drawing, I don't HAVE to do shit. I invited you to draw him, I didn't say you HAD to.

Believe it or not Dano, I really am glad to hear different points of view. We may have to agree to disagree about some things, but we're talking about them and I think that's a good thing. We're artists, we should talk like this. That's why I love THIS country.

p.s. As I was spell checking this response I saw that walleye had already chimed in with his usual clarity and dead-on point of view. Again,walleye, you have summed up the situation with your usual eloquence and wit. It's funny, I never imagined this dialogue would go this far. And I CERTAINLY never imagined that posting this drawing would coincide with a global event on par with the Mohammed situation. I mean, who would imagine that in the year 2006 a CARTOON would incite global violence? Not me. But back to Dano. Dano, I mean it, I'm glad you came and spoke your mind. But I do hope you will have the courage to stand by what appear to be some pretty strong convictions.

And walleye, I do just want to get back to drawing some pirates! YAR!

nagi said...

hey guys!
just chiming in with my 2 cents. I do believe in freedom of speech but for me it means I have the right to either express or not express whatever I am feeling. Count, if you don't feel like drawing something, I don't take that to mean you are self censoring yourself.

On a different note, to answer walleye--Mohammed has been depicted in the Muslim world like the invisible man--with clothes but no face.

On the cartoons: according to the BBC, some of the images that are causing the uproar were created by Muslim clerics in Denmark and not the Danish cartoonists in question. If images of Mohammed are taboo, then I wonder what the followers of these clerics will think of their leaders who are Muslim and not only drew an image of Mohammed, but drew him in a derogatory fashion.....

but wow--the power of an artist! It just blows me away. A frustrated artist starts WWII and a group of unwitting artists may start WWIII......looney toons!
do we need to register our pencils as lethal weaons? LOL! Fear not, I draw in peace!

DanO said...

Count, nice to have this exchange.
i do differ with you and i want to point out a flaw in your thinking: you said you care about free speech in THIS country.

isn't that what the Danish newspapers were thinking when they published these cartoon commentaries on islamic terrorism?

it was an expression of free speech in their own countryand to that end the distinction you made has no bearing.

these rampaging islamic hordes do not make a distinction between your wountry and thier muslim world. you are in their world and they expect you to follow their ignorant rules.
thats too much for me. it stands in the face of liberty and freedom. it should be too much for everyone.

here is an archive of images of Mohammed throughout history. most of these pictures are drawn BY muslims for religious texts.
see: hypocracy

walleye said...

Cartoons funny...make laugh me.

Skribbl said...

Dano, the link doesn't work.

See: Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server.

DanO said...

try this link - it has a wealth of images.