Friday, February 17, 2006

You lazy sheep

Ha! I figured out my posting problems...files were too big. So we're back in business.

Here's a design from a project that no longer needs this character. And what is this blog for? To catch those drawings that never see the light of day. Imagine if a sheep could talk, what would it say? How about, "Stop looking at me you hairless, pink monkey...Go sheer yourself and cut your own dang tail off...Nice tie." What's funnier than a cantankerous sheep, I ask you? Well, in a family film....Lots....I can see why they cut it.

More comics to come this weekend I hope (If those darn needy kids will leave me the heck alone..."Boo hoo...I'm hungry...I'm thirsty...I'm poopy...I'm on fire..." Dammmit! Get a job! Its been what, five years. Grow up already!

Sigh...Anyway....I like sheep. But only for their hooves.

Ps. For all those who doubt...90% of what I say, I say in jest. I really do love my kids, and have no known affliction towards sheep of any kind. Any rumours to the contrary are completely false and probably not worth repeating. What happened on the farm, stays on the farm.


orange said...

hahaha...u always cheer me up..he art and the words..both....looking forward to more.

hey i had a similar probs initially with posting...i keep all of mine in 72 dpi and watch the canvas size in photoshop...but i guess u've figured it out by now.

also thanks for the props on the blog...i'll go with the Gut feel P

talk to you soon..given the doc puts my arm back into the right sockets...ouch

countfunkula1 said...

Oh fuck that. Admit you hate your kids. I know I do. Oh snap! Scandal! Glad you got the pics up! Yay! Fresh Walleye!

St John Street said...

Hey bro hope your okay I know I have been around for a while just been trying to get the dam portfolio looking like some I'd want to show people but I don't know if I want too. The is great as always your the best and thanks for the advice it's helped alot it's appreciated deeply take care and hope the fam is kool

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

I love the sheep! I'm sad that I missed the meeting where the sheep were discussed and dismissed!

willipino said...

these are my favorite sheep in the whole wide world.

the doodlers said...

I like the sheep.

Closet Space said...

Oh man, these always make me laugh, and yes I have the same posting probs, though I kind of assumed that's what the problem was... hmm! Looking forward to the next angsty comic, and love the sheep!